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After a delightful visit to St. John’s Church in Savannah, Georgia this past weekend, we are nearing the finish line of our winter tour. All that remain are trips to All Saints (Wilmington, NC) on Lent IV (March 10) and then to St. George the Martyr (Simpsonville, SC) on Passion Sunday (March 17).

In spring, we will shift our focus to local events and networking, particularly as we ramp up campus development. Nevertheless, we have a number of visits and trips lined up, with more “in the works.”

At the moment, we are most excited about our Raleigh-area event coming the Friday before Palm Sunday:

We are coordinating that event around the CiRCE Institute’s regional conference hosted at Thales College in Wake Forest, NC, at which Thomas is a featured speaker.

Here is our spring travel schedule to date:

  • March 21-23: Attending and speaking at the CiRCE Conference “Good Medicine: The Care of the Joyful Teacher” in Wake Forest, NC.
  • March 22, 7:00 PM: “Growing Up Like Jesus: Boys and Rites of Passage, for Parents, Parishes, and Schools.” Event at All Saints Raleigh (REC-ACNA).
  • April 8-11: DEUS-APA Clergy Retreat and area networking in Helen, Georgia
  • May 23-25: Attending the New Polity conference in Steubenville, Ohio (along with members of the Board and Advisory Council)

We are also in the early stages of planning events in Richmond, Virginia; Charlottesville, Virginia; and in the Washington D.C. area, with Greensboro and Winston-Salem, North Carolina in mind for the future. If you would like to connect at any of these events, please reach out to me at .