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When I was brought on as Chaplain and Assistant Headmaster, I published my vision for Christian formation at St. Dunstan’s over at Earth & Altar (the Development Journal not yet existing):

Most churches and Christian schools desire a holistic education of head, heart, and hand for their parishioners and students — but all of them run up against the disjointed incoherence of modernity. St. Dunstan’s Academy will not be immune to the counter-formational pressures of contemporary American life, but the school will be uniquely situated to offer an integrated and coherent life, grounded in and flowing from the heart of the Church. At St. Dunstan’s, spiritual formation and theological education will be seamlessly integrated into daily life in ways not possible in most school contexts.

I went on to outline that holistic formation in Scripture, Common Prayer, Sacraments, Rites of Passage, and indeed all of life on campus:

As they train their hands in the use of tools and in the care of animals; as they learn to harness, train, and control their muscular strength on the rugby field; as they shape their minds through the study of Latin and the reading of poetry — as all of these together shape their affections towards a love of goodness, truth, and beauty, they will have the opportunity to turn more fully and deeply in love and worship toward the Father of lights, from whom every good gift comes (James 1:17).

Do read the whole thing!