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“Being good is an adventure far more violent and daring than sailing around the world.”

G.K. Chesterton

Saint Dunstan's Academy Crest

We at St. Dunstan’s Academy strive to work towards what John Senior dubbed “the restoration of innocence” by immersing our boys in an environment full of the things that help them, by God’s grace, become good men.

St. Dunstan’s Academy was designed and founded by a group of Anglican teachers, priests, parents, and laymen, who share in common a commitment to training up young men to live faithfully in the Kingdom of God. Most of those involved in the school’s inception live in and around Charlottesville, Virginia, and all believe that education should impart a right sense of reality to those who receive it. Education is formation, and that formation is something conferred on the young first and foremost by their mentors, parents, and clergy. By gathering together others who share this vision of education, we hope to give young men the gift of an inspiring school experience marked by joy, devotion to Our Lord, noble endeavors, and adventures in goodness.

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